Skillet, the iconic American Christian rock band, is renowned for their epic, expansive, and anthemic music that sets stages ablaze. Their sound is made for the electrifying atmosphere of a live show, where every riff, beat, and lyric ignites the crowd with energy and passion. We got to chat with none other than John Cooper, the lead singer and bass player himself. Who better to give us the lowdown on their new music and upcoming tour than the man at the helm of it all?

Let’s rewind a bit and peek into Skillet’s journey from humble beginnings to headlining world tours. John reminisced about some surreal moments, like when their song “Hero” was played at the World Series. Imagine flipping on the TV and hearing your own music blasting across one of the biggest sports events in the world. Talk about a pinch-me moment!

Skillet wasn’t always meant to be his main focus, it started as a side project back in ’96. John’s pastor suggested that he work with people from other Christian bands. “Somebody said, it’d be like cooking, taking these different ingredients from different bands and throwing it in the skillet.” 

We thought Skillet would be nothing. Period,” John admitted with a chuckle. Little did they know, they were cooking up something special. “After our first record came out, I didn’t think it would last very long…But God had other plans.”

Fast forward to today, Skillet is a powerhouse with millions of monthly listeners on Spotify. But what’s even cooler? Their fanbase is as diverse as it gets. From die-hard Christians to rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts, Skillet’s music brings people together. 

“We’re very open about our Christianity. And at the same time, I would say the majority of people listening to Skillet are not Christians. We have a lot of just rock and roll fans, metal fans. And so I think that’s something that the Lord has done.”

Their latest album, “Dominion” is making waves, and fans can’t get enough. But with a hefty discography under their belt, how do they choose which songs to play on tour? John spilled the beans: it’s a delicate balance of old favourites and fresh hits, all mixed together for one epic show. 

And speaking of shows, Skillet is headed to Perth soon! What can you expect? Well, according to John there will be lots of fist-pumping anthems, and an atmosphere so electric, you’ll leave feeling like you just conquered the world. But beyond the music, there’s something deeper at play. Skillet’s concerts aren’t just about rocking out; they’re about spreading hope and unity.

“We all come from different places. And we all speak different languages. We have different colour skin. We like different kinds of food. But we all come together we are one in Christ Jesus.”

So, Perth, get ready to rock with Skillet! Get your tickets here and listen to John Cooper’s full chat with Dan below!