Are you ready for the most epic live-radio event of the year? Sonshine is hitting the streets of Perth on e-scooters, and we’re taking you along for the ride! That’s right, we’re broadcasting live while we cruise around the city, stopping at all the hotspots, chatting with local legends, and having a blast!

Get ready to ride, Perth! Sonshine is going on an e-scooter extravaganza!

We’ve teamed up with the coolest e-scooter company in town to bring you an on-air adventure like no other. All the Sonshine announcers are revved up and ready to explore Perth’s landmarks, check out the sights, and soak up all the goodness the city has to offer.

So tune in on Wednesday the 17th of May for an adventure you won’t forget. We’ll be blasting our tunes, chatting with some of Perth’s coolest cats, and showcasing the hidden gems that make our city so special all from the e-scooter. Whether you’re a Perth veteran or a newbie, follow along to see the city in a whole new light.

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