McCrindle have just conducted a new study on the different generations at work and as customers. They asked Australians across the generations, how frequently they would like praise. Over half (54%) of Gen Z said they’d prefer praise for their efforts at work at least a couple of times a week. While only 17% of Baby Boomers said they would prefer weekly feedback. Younger workers are more likely to seek regular praise and constructive feedback. “So it’s not just saying they want flattery, but actually they want to know, am I doing good job? Can you give me some feedback to help me improve?”

“So I think for any managers out there, if you’re still just using the the annual review as the way to give feedback that’s probably not going to be really helpful these days. Just those side conversations. Hey, you did that, hat was great. There’s something you could improve on. If you want to engage your staff in today’s age, particularly the younger generations, those conversations will be much more helpful.”

Listen to Grant Dusting’s full chat with Kirste and Dan below.