Pastor Phil Ayres from Kingdomcity, joins Bec and Jeziel every fortnight to help couples build strong marriages.

Last week, he launched the topic of how husbands and wives can stay emotionally in love and keep their passion level high. He identified that men and women have a love bank which is designed to be met by their spouse and when it is, it will recharge the desire for intimacy and oneness.

Her needs

Non sexual affection: Affection is the expression of caring. When you are shown affection by your partner, you feel that your partner cares about you. You feel secure. You feel comforted.

Intimate conversations: Intimate conversation is beyond informational conversation. Intimate conversation is personal. It reveals feelings, concerns, cares and is often emotional.
Honesty and openness: Honesty and openness give us a sense of security. When a partner shares their innermost thoughts and feelings, becoming vulnerable, they give a precious gift to their partner.
Financial Support: What you expect financially from your spouse should be discussed and shared. Women often have an emotional need for financial support, even when they work or earn more than the husband.

Family Commitment: Family commitment is the active participation in the raising of the children with their moral and educational needs. Children experience the greatest health and development when both mum and dad work together in the development of their family.

Listen to the full conversation below.