There are times when all we see ahead is adversity. But it’s in those very times that, from the vantagepoint of heaven’s balcony, God sees opportunity; more opportunity than we can even begin to imagine.

Perhaps that sounds too good to be true. Perhaps you’re thinking that it’s more fiction than fact, more fable than feasible. And if that is indeed what you’re thinking, I totally get it. Because when you’re lost in a desert, it’s more likely that the pool of water you see just a mile or so in front of you is a mirage. So yes, I get it.

But then … then you allow God into the picture. Then you allow Him to speak into your desert and things change. In fact, everything changes.

Psalm 107:35 

He changed the desert into a land with pools of water. He caused springs to flow from dry ground.

This psalm is about all the amazing things that God has done for His people; whether they were lost, whether they were in prison, whether they were oppressed, whether they were hungry or thirsty, whether they’d been foolish and rebelled against God, bringing their troubles upon themselves.

It’s definitely worth a read in full because, in any and every circumstance that you can imagine, God’s heart is to redeem. His heart is to save, to deliver, to comfort. It’s a psalm of God’s never-ending faithfulness and love. It’s a psalm about God’s power to set things right, no matter what the problem, or what the affliction is.

He changes the desert into a land with pools of water. He causes springs to flow from dry ground.

That’s our God and that’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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