Winterfold Primary School took centre stage as the last host for this term’s Free Coffee Fridays with 98five’s Brekky with Kirste & Morro. As a community school in Beaconsfield you can definitely pick up on the Freo-vibes.

First up to chat to Kirste & Morro was Mikayla and Charlotte, the school’s TWO head girls – that’s right Mikayla and Charlotte are the Winterfold School leaders. Earlier this year the WA Electoral Commission came out to the school to talk the students through the whole election process so that they’re prepared to vote when they turn 18. Mikayla and Charlotte painted a deliciously vivid picture of the school’s 5-star canteen. With almost all ‘green light’ food options the school boasts the only 5-star canteen in the state with all of the food made fresh in the canteen. Nothing is pre-bought or pre-packaged. the two girls voted the home made pizzas and home made soups as their favourite lunches.  When asked what her favourite thing about the school was, the incredibly well-spoken, 6th grader Mikayla replied

“My favourite thing is that it’s so inclusive, we have so many cultures and some of the students have special needs but everyone’s so friendly and inclusive.”

Winterfold also has a thriving sustainability program. Miss Evans, who heads the sustainability program, shared about the schools passion for water, waste and travel wise programs. Serita, another shining year 6 student, was telling Kirste & Morro about how much she loves being a worm warrior and winning the Golden Bin awards. Once a week, a group of students sort through the recycling bins all over the school to see which block of classrooms recycle best and award them a Golden Bin, at the end of the term the block with the most golden Bins win a block party! Now, if you think that’s hands on learning you’ll be even more impressed by the Worm Warriors.

As Serita explained what a worm warrior is, Morro’s eyes widened in glee – he wanted to invite Serita back onto the show for their ‘Farm Chat’ segment he was so impressed. A worm warrior helps take care of the school worms. The warriors collect scraps from around the school to feed the worms, they then drain the worm pee from the farm to fertilise the school gardens!

Winterfold Primary School is so much more than just a school, it’s a thriving and bustling community hub and everyone on the 98five Free Coffee Friday team agreed that it was an honour to visit them. We love getting out into the community and there is not much that could beat that start to the day. Thanks to the school’s two incredible Youth Care Chaplains Chris and Janina who made Friday morning possible, and our friends from Capuccino Xpress for the coffee and The Entertainment Bank for bringing the Imagination Playground!

If you missed it, you can catch all the interviews from Friday below!

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