After discovering his grandparents’ robot cleaner, four-year-old Jacob Tosetti became so obsessed with vacuums that he asked to celebrate his birthday surrounded by the cleaning appliance.

After being initially scared of the self-moving cleaner, his mum Brianna Tosetti says he conquered his fear after watching ‘demonstration videos’ to learn more about them. And when she asked him what theme he wanted for his fourth birthday party, her son’s eyes ‘lit up’ when she suggested a vacuum-themed one.

Heart-warming footage shows Jacob ripping open his presents to discover toy vacuums and cleaning brushes gifted to him by his family on Sunday. The four-year-old is even seen using the suction of a real vacuum cleaner to blow out his birthday cake candles.

Brianna said she struggled to find vacuum-themed decorations online so she printed off vacuum manuals and stuck them around the room. She even used her own vacuum as a decoration! Her friend, who owns a bakery, created vacuum cookies for the party and Brianna even had a birthday cake with a robot vacuum on the front made for Jacob.

He loves all his hoovers and he took his handheld one out with him this morning when we went out. Now I’m hoping he’ll help me around the house and help out with chores. A birthday party is for the kids so let them have what they want to have. As long as they are happy that’s all that matters.