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Food Bank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation feeding our vulnerable Australians. CEO Kate O’Hara joined Dan to tell us more about how Food Bank is helping the community.

In WA, Food Bank has seen more concerning numbers than in other parts of Australia. “We’ve got a number of households coming to us each week, that weekly average now is 760. A couple of years ago, it was half of that.” They have had many people start using their service due to inflation and interest rate rises. “We’ve had a couple of people come to us and start using our service because their accountant told them to come. But particularly with every interest rate rise, we’re seeing a lift in the number of people inquiring about food relief.”

The first step is to get a referral to Food Bank, you can find all the information on their website. “Getting the referral means that you can come and shop in the branches. We have stuff that covers a lot of the staples. So fruit and veg, bread, milk…” Food Bank is also planning to expand further into the northwest. “We have our most northern branches in Geraldton. And we’re co-designing this community for establishing new hubs. Then more households are able to access this type of support.”