Do you have a current, valid Will?

Research has shown that 52% of Australians die without a Will, leaving loved ones to face confusion and uncertainty. That’s over half of all Australians who do not provide a clear plan for their assets to be distributed.

Sonshine CEO Bevan Jones, and Relationships Manager, Rodney Olsen, recently researched organisations that could make the difficult time of losing a loved one less challenging. As a result, Sonshine has chosen to partner with Safewill, who provide a way to create a simple, lawyer checked, online Will. As part of our Sonshine family, you can create a Will at half the normal cost, anytime of the year, when using our

online link.

To make the process even more cost effective, we are partnering with Safewill for Free Wills Week from the 4th to the 10th of September. If you create a Will using our link during this week, you can create a lawyer checked and verified Will, absolutely free. There is no requirement to leave anything to Sonshine in your Will, but if you choose to consider a gift, even 1% of your estate could make an eternal difference.