Pastor Phil Ayres, from Kingdomcity Church, joins Bec and Jeziel every fortnight to share his advice on building a strong marriage. But today he had an incredible story of faith to share.

When Pastor Phil was in school he was hit by a car. “We were crossing the main highway…I lost concentration and realised my class had gone. I turned and ran and came head-on into a car. It hit me from behind and threw me to the side of the road.” He was rushed to the hospital and operated on for eight hours as he had broken his pelvis and suffered from internal bleeding. 

While he was in a coma, his parents’ friend came and prayed over Pastor Phil. A few hours later he woke up in the hospital bed and was shocked to see all the machines he was attached to. “All I could think in that moment was God please don’t let me die. If you are real don’t let me die.” All of a sudden he was enveloped in this feeling of love and peace and all the fear left his body.

Despite his major injuries, Pastor Phil was discharged from the hospital and returned to school not even a week after the accident! “That week we went on a school camp. The first part we walked 10km as a school. My teacher walked the whole way asking how come you are back?”

“I encourage anyone out there who needs healing don’t give up on God because he loves you and this day could be the day you experience his power.” 

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