Pastor Mark Varughese, from Kingdomcity, shared how his wedding ring miraculously reappeared on his finger after he lost it.

He had lost his wedding ring for four days after travelling. He looked in all the usual spots like his bag, his pockets, his room but there was no sign of it anywhere. One night he went to sleep and had a dream where someone poked him in the side and said here is your ring.

But when he woke up in the morning his ring was still missing. So he had a shower and was drying his hands, then when he took the towel off his hands the ring appeared on his finger! “I thought I was dreaming. I stared at it for 30 seconds and was like how did it get there?”

Then he thought maybe his wife found it and she was the one who poked him during the night. But when he asked her about she had no clue. “Every time I look at my hand now I am seeing the evidence of something supernatural. The idea that I lost and found it is not a miracle. The miracle is how did it get on my finger.”


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