Pastor David wanted to go to the Queensland State Conference for church. So he worked out the exact amount of money needed to drive from Charters Towers to Brisbane, including food and other supplies down to the dollar. At the time they were struggling financially so they were praying for the funds the night before they planned to leave.

“Then there was a knock on the door it was this guy from the local café, who started coming to our church. He said, look God’s told me to give you this money and handed me an envelope.” He went inside and counted the money and it was exactly the amount they needed! “But here’s the real kicker of the story, as I counted it out and realised that it was the exact dollar that I budgeted. I felt the Lord say to me, I would have given you more if you’d asked for it. It just told me something about the love of God.

Listen to his full chat with Bec and Jeziel below!