Deborah heard a knock at the door early in the morning. A police officer was standing outside and she immediately knew something was wrong. “As a nurse, I knew straight away there had been an accident.” The police officer gave her the terrible news that her daughter had been hit by a drunk driver and passed away. “The grace of God really kicked in. Even though I was upset I wasn’t hysterical. It was like I had been picked up in God’s arms and carried from that moment.”

Deborah had to go to the morgue to identify her daughter. Even while seeing her daughter’s lifeless body she still felt a sense of peace. “I had a supernatural calm. Like I was distant from the situation.” She knew nothing about the man that killed her daughter until she saw him in court. “I heard God say I love the boy who killed her and I love Fiona. From that moment on I had compassion for him.” Deborah wrote a letter to the man explaining that he could have died so her should live a life his parents would be proud of. “I have to forgive him. If I don’t I am also stopping what God has for me.”

After everything had settled, Deborah went into schools to educate students about the dangers of drunk driving. She was also able to use her story to encourage others. While she was at work a man who had almost died in a burglary came in to be treated. She felt God tell her to speak to that man. “I said you nearly died. I had to pick out the colour of my daughter’s coffin…Do you want your mum to do that?” Her story encouraged the man to join the navy.

Deborah is now a qualified chaplain who is able to help other people who are struggling. “It wasn’t what I was expecting but a lot of good things have come out of it. God gets me to show people how much he cares through her accident.”