A Tiktoker has explained why pressing the pedestrian button multiple times will not make traffic lights turn red faster.

The Traffic Light Doctor (@trafficlightdoctor) uses his TikTok platform to educate people on how traffic lights work so that he can help lower the risk of injuries and fatalities on the roads. He has taken to the platform to show exactly what happens when you hit the pedestrian button.

@trafficlightdoctor Replying to @odis ♬ original sound – Traffic Light Doctor

He said: “Crosswalk systems typically operate 24/7, accepting inputs at all times. However, some systems might have variations in sensitivity during different times of day, optimising for busier traffic periods.”

“Over the years that I’ve been working on these systems I’ve noticed that pedestrian and driver behaviour can vary significantly depending on factors like traffic flow, weather, and location,” he continued.

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