It’s always exciting to see your family grow, and here at 98five our family has been expanding over recent years to the point that we had started to burst at the seams! As we get busier with more volunteers, on-air guests and partnerships with churches and charities, we had run out of meeting spaces in our Como building.

We realized that our large foyer area was only used a couple of times a year, as the base for our annual Radiothon, and to store the donations we receive each July as part of our Heart for the Homeless appeal. This space seemed under-utilised so we decided to change that, and reached out to Steve Newcombe from Newcombe Building Services.

If you’ve tried to get any renovation work done recently you’ll know that it’s pretty tough to find any available trades, but even though Steve was super busy he made the time to help us out (hey, he listens to nothing but 98five while he’s on the job site, so we think he might like us).

Look at the awesome job he and his team have done! Thanks so much Steve for such a quality job, and thanks to our faithful supporters for helping to make it possible.