Lulu Hawton, professional boxer, former professional skateboarder, and an absolute legend is back in the studio! Lulu is not just known for her impressive career, but also for her commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people. The first time we met Lulu she joined us after winning Nine’s reality show The Summit. But this week she’s here to tell us about her latest endeavour, the Champion Ways program, which aims to empower at-risk youth through a holistic approach to mental and physical wellbeing.

Having experienced firsthand the challenges of being an at-risk youth, Lulu understands the importance of providing support and guidance to young individuals who may be facing similar circumstances. The Champion Ways program, created by Lulu and co-coach Michelle Barron, is more than just physical training; it’s a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth that combines mindset coaching, physical challenges, and mindfulness practices.

Michelle Barron and Lulu Hawton join Sonshine's Kirste and Dan

Michelle Barron and Lulu Hawton join Sonshine’s Kirste and Dan

The combination of mindset and physical coaching

During the mindset portion, participants learn valuable, practical tools to navigate life’s ups and downs and develop a positive mindset that will boost their confidence and a heightened sense of self-awareness. Lulu and Michelle guide their students through mindfulness practices and offer tools for managing mental health. By teaching the importance of finding balance and tranquillity in their lives, they equip young individuals with lifelong skills to navigate stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges. The combination of these tools with physical training helps the participants gain a deeper understanding of their mental and physical resilience.

Her Champion

Recognising the specific needs of girls and young women, Lulu also introduced the Her Champion program. This segment of Champion Ways focuses on empowering young females, providing them with a supportive and encouraging environment. Through a combination of training and open discussions, participants develop self-confidence, learn to use their voice, and embrace their unique strengths. Her Champion allows these young women to experience personal growth while enjoying activities not traditionally available to them.


While currently based in Perth, Lulu has plans to expand the Champion Ways program to regional and remote communities. She is particularly passionate about reaching out to at-risk youth in these areas, as they often have limited access to such programs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Champion Ways program or supporting its mission, you can visit their Instagram page, Mental Fitness Champions. Lulu welcomes collaborations with businesses interested in sponsoring the program and helping reach even more young individuals in need. By joining forces, we can create a brighter future for at-risk youth and empower them to become confident, resilient, and successful individuals.

Take a listen to the full conversation Kirste & Dan had with Lulu below: