Elon Goh, from EG Financial Services, joins Mike every fortnight to share his hot tips on how to save, invest and (not) spend your money. 

A few days, Elson’s son asked him for a gold coin that he could donate to a charity. So he asked his son to tell him a bit more about the charity but he had no idea, he just wanted to give. “So lesson time, sat him down talked to him about finance and how we should know where our money is going. But he said it’s only one dollar dad?” It occurred to him that lots of people are like his son, they just have the heart to give. “We call this incidental giving.” But Elson encouraged listeners to give intentionally. “I think you guys (98five) are very intentional in everything you do. Setting the culture and having the themes and messages. When we give this time around we can learn from Sonshine and be as intentional as well.”

Not only does Elson share his professional advice, but relatable personal experiences where we can introduce a teaching moment. “Finances is part of our lives, a lot of the time we don’t want to discuss it. Unfortunately, in the world finance is always perceived as doom and gloom. But being involved in Sonshine FM is fantastic. It’s always positive and I can break it down into simple bites so that families can take away something.” 

Countless 98five listeners are impacted by weekly guests like Elson, who give their advice on a range of issues.

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Listen to Elson and Mike’s full chat below!