Dog owners have noticed their pets love watching Bluey, and now they know why. 

Some have speculated that the cartoon uses colours dogs can see, which is why are so mesmerised by the show. On TikTok, @chompfromgta shared a video of her dog watching the show with the caption: “If you have a dog play them the show Bluey because it has all the colours they can see.”

@buddyandjulie My heart is in a puddle #dogvision #goldenretriever #bluey ♬ original sound – cj

According to experts dogs’ eyes only have two types of cones and their colour spectrum is limited to shades of blue, yellow, brown and grey. All of which are included in Bluey.

Many on TikTok speculated the colours were used deliberately by the show’s creators. “It all makes sense now wow, that’s so considerate of the producers,” one person wrote. “We always play Bluey then we leave our dog home alone, it calms him down,” another added.

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