Could you safely say that your two greatest passions in life include Disney movies and your dog? Well then hold onto your hats because the latest Oh My Disney collection has brought these two worlds crashing into each other in the most magical way.

The Disney Dogs Collection is themed around some of the canine stars across the Disney Universe. From Lady to Bolt, and includes the absolute hero Dug from the Up! movie.

Depending on how loudly you want to shout your love of Disney Dogs, there is a whole range of products.

If you want to go full crazy-dog-mum (or dad), there is the matching Dug Spirit Jerseys. All eyes would definitely be on you, down at the dog park.

Oh my Disney Dog collection

Or friendship ‘bracelets’ (dog collar and bracelet.)


Oh my Disney Dog collection

Maybe you just want to brighten up your desk at work? Well, there’s a stack of Disney Dog stationary.

Or if your style is more subtle, you could absolutely rock these bad boys under your jeans or trousers.

Disney dog socks

So what will you be buying from the Disney Dogs Collection?