Let’s talk about tidying up – not just our homes, but our marriages too. Remember Marie Kondo, the amazing organisational guru, who shared her brilliant insights into decluttering our homes? Why not apply her tips to decluttering our relationships?


Back when you said “I do”, everything was filled with joy – the newness of your relationship, dreams of a shared future, and the promise of a happy life together. But fast forward a few years, and things get cluttered. Life isn’t always a fairy tale; grudges, hurts, and resentments start piling up, making your marriage feel messy. Sure, you try to work on things, but it’s not always as smooth as you’d hoped.

That’s where Marie Kondo’s wisdom comes in handy. What if we approached our marriages like we tidy up our homes? Here are a few tips we can borrow from her:

  1. Commit Yourself to Tidying Up: Decide that you want to work on your marriage and make it better.
  2. Imagine Your Ideal Marriage: Picture what your perfect married life looks like. What brings you joy in your relationship?
  3. Finish Discarding First: Let go of the grudges and resentment. Clear out the emotional clutter to make room for love and understanding.
  4. Tidy by Category, Not by Location: Focus on specific issues in your marriage, rather than jumping from one problem to another without resolution.
  5. Follow the Right Order: Address the most pressing issues first, and then work your way down to the smaller ones.
  6. Ask Yourself if It Sparks Joy: In the context of your marriage, think about whether your actions and words bring happiness and connection to your relationship.

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