In the current crazy world state of the world, anyone who played an April Fools Day prank would probably come off looking a little “un self-aware”.

Usually, at this time of year, our social media feeds would be saturated with pranks, but it seems like there has been a global, unanimous decision that it would be better to skip the tradition this year. A lot of us are feeling a little sensitive emotionally and being pranked is probably the last thing most of us would like – especially because so often, April Fools day goes wrong or too far.

But this American Dad played a simple prank on his three daughters and it was the perfect amount of innocent deception. Just enough to give us a little self-isolation giggle.

In the video, his daughters are standing by the car as he film from inside the house. The three girls are looking miserable as they wait with their bags packed as dad has convinced them school is back on as of today.

It took them a second to realise what was happening before the storm of female-adolescent hormones rained down. As the girls start screaming at their dad, he laughs and says “got em”.

We’re pretty interested to know how he pulled this off. Surely as teenagers, these girls would be all across whether their school was open or not. Either way, thanks for the laugh Roger!