How would you feel if your neighbour claimed you’d been preparing food too loudly?

One family has found themselves in this predicament after their neighbour complained about the noise they make when walking and chopping tomatoes. The mum of the family in turned to an online for advice on how to appease her downstairs neighbour, she explained the woman has had a problem with their noise level for years. 

“Not long after I moved in, so this is 5 years ago now, the lady who lives downstairs caught me one day outside to tell me that we should walk around more quietly because it’s disturbing her and called me specifically a heavy walker.

The mum was happy to agree until she found the resident had several complaints. “Once she even came upstairs because my partner was chopping tomatoes too loud. So all these 5 years she’s been complaining to housing association and they of course have a duty to inform us, just an informal chat, no warnings or anything. And we never had loud parties, music, just normal everyday sounds.” 

Listen to Bec and Jeziel’s full conversation below.