Craig Hunter, from Rehoboth Christian College, joins Mike each fortnight to discuss a range of different issues affecting schools, from the perspective of a deputy principal as well as a parent.

Despite his busy life he always makes time to come in and share his encouragement with other parents. “It’s tough being a parent. It’s tough trying to raise kids in this environment. Parents need encouragement and often we don’t know what’s 21st-century schools? What’s a formative assessment? How does it all work? If I can break it down and encourage parents that brings me joy.”

He is happy that his advice has helped so many people and is grateful for listeners who text in their questions, even if they may feel shy or embarrassed. We’ve all had positive and negative experiences at school and sometimes we don’t know how to handle it. So to hear similar experiences from other parents can help us feel less alone. “Someone understands. This is normal, everyone goes through this and I think that’s an encouragement in itself isn’t it?”

Countless 98five listeners are impacted by weekly guests like Craig, who give their advice on a range of issues.

“With so much changing in our world at the moment. It’s nice to know that for 34 years Sonshine is still there. You can trust Sonshine as a community as a station, the people. It’s an institution that is like a glue in Perth. Once we have lost it we can’t get it back. This is something bigger than we realise. When we are investing in Sonshine we are investing in something that impacts our whole city.”

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Listen to Craig and Mike’s full chat below!