At Sonshine, we care about the environment and the impact we’re having on landfill. We’re always looking for ways we can do things better and help create change. So, we’ve been doing our little bit in the office by taking part in the Containers for Change scheme since it started in WA in 2020, and you can get involved too, by collecting your containers and donating your refund to Sonshine! Our Scheme ID is: C10357849

Our self-appointed sustainability warrior is Siew Yee. She’s Sonshine’s admin officer and if you’ve ever called or visited us, there is a good chance it was Siew Yee’s smiley face and welcoming voice that greeted you. Years ago, she’d noticed the “10 cents refund, SA only” label on bottles and wondered why that was not the same here in WA, but because it wasn’t available to use, she put that thought at the back of her mind and noted she’d investigate the process if it came to our state. Sometime later Siew Yee saw a story on A Current Affair which reignited her interest in Containers for Change. The story was about a couple collecting bottles from their neighbours and local streets to raise money for their engagement. They ended up raising a few thousand dollars to put towards their marriage.

“Since then I had been twiddling my thumbs, dreaming of the day when WA would start our very own Containers for Change, not only because it’s an opportunity to turn rubbish into cash, but this program prevents many of these recyclables from going to landfill or into our waterways.”


You can support 98five and help the environment in one go with Containers for Change

Our latest collection is ready to be dropped off at our local recycling centre.

As soon as WA launched Containers for Change, Siew Yee asked our CEO Bevan if we could add another bin in the kitchen for the containers. Very quickly the whole office was on board and even started bringing their bottles from home!

How does it work?

The process is easy! You just need to:

  1. Collect the containers
  2. Bring to your local refund point once you have a full bag
  3. Earn a refund or donate your refund

Did you know that in WA we use 1.3 billion drink containers?

Siew Yee brought a spirit of good stewardship to Sonshine and we’re so thankful that she’s teaching us how to be more responsible with the resources we enjoy.  Now we are proudly collecting our Containers for Change. It’s a small, simple way we can help reduce landfill AND as a not for profit it’s a great way for us to raise a few extra dollars. We’d love for you to donate your Containers For Change refund directly to Sonshine by quoting our reference number when you drop off your containers! Some of the Sonshine Family are already supporting us in this way as they find it a fun way for them to be involved in supporting us.

Below is our Containers for Change scheme ID – you can just quote this when you drop off your containers at one of the many refund locations.

Sonshine’s Scheme ID: C10357849

Siew Yee’s sustainable practices

Collecting recyclable containers isn’t Siew Yee’s only daily sustainable practice. Her motto is Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and lastly Recycle, in the exact order. For example, she refuses to buy new plastic bags and always brings her own shopping bags and reuses them until she can no longer and then recycles them correctly. She plans her food shopping properly (it took her years to learn to use a shopping list), so that she could reduce food waste to the absolute minimum. Siew Yee also reduces buying brand new clothing and shops at the local op shops instead. At her home, her family operates on a 6-bin system. With their solar system and practice of using appliances when the sun is up, she and her husband often keep their energy bill under $50.

The 6-bin system:

    1. Standard recycle bin
    2. Compost bin
    3. A bin for soft plastic (for Redcycle)
    4. A bin for batteries/ light bulbs/ printer cartridges, toothbrushes and many others. (These can be dropped off at participating local shopping centres.)
    5. Clothing bin (for charity or other fabric recycling programs like H&M’s)
    6. General rubbish bin (which comes down to about a handful per week on average).

“It’s a lifestyle and principle I choose to adopt because it’s an expression of my gratefulness and respect to the many resources I get to consume with delight. As noble as the idea may be, it sometimes feels like my recycling effort is as good as carrying water from the ocean into the bucket with an eye drop, a drop at a time. But as a consumer, I believe should share the responsibility in creating a sustainable future instead of relying on others (such as government or manufacturers or retailers) to come to a convenient solution for all. I think it’s very much a shared effort, where all parties should practice good stewardship to achieve an efficient and sustainable use of our precious resources.”