The Block is gearing up for its 19th season, where contestants will have to renovate five home built in the 1950s. Host Shelley Craft spilled all the details on what we can expect.

How does it feel to be a part of the Block for another season?

So good. This is our 19th season. I think I’ve done about 14, and loved every minute. We’re having a great time we’ve got five fabulous teams that are on board. I’ve got to say our WA Team they’re going to do you proud. Kyle and Lesley are just awesome. And we’re in for the usual roller coaster that is The Block. But it’s gonna be fun. 

Where does the Block go from the heart-breaking auction of last season?

We all sat around sucking our thumbs and rocking back and forth for a while after that. The aim of the game is to make great viewing and the auction day last year made some great viewing. It also gave us the biggest kick in the guts because we work so closely with these teams. They find out with no real guarantee that they’re going to walk away with any money but it’s in the back of your mind. That I might pick up a million dollars here. That’s what they’re all hoping for. And to walk away with nothing is absolutely heart-breaking.

Where is The Block located this season?

We’re in Hampton East, which is a bay side suburb not too far from Hampton, where we saw our last Fan vs Fave series. It’s a great seaside area with young families. So we’re hoping that come auction day we’ve got some real families bidding for these houses and ready to start their new lives.

We definitely watch The Block for the interior design but we do love a bit of the drama, how juicy is this season?

There is plenty of juice. Scotty has tried to make this series easier for our contestants because he believes it’s the hardest one we’ve ever done. So he’s given them their budgets upfront. He’s given them the schedule upfront. So they know which rooms have to be produced each week/ And we’ve given them a bit of help with some of the trades so you’ll see some old faces coming back. And we’ve given them exterior renders and architectural ideas of what the homes will look like at the end of the day. So hopefully, that helps them with their interior styling. 

What came first? Your love of Interior Design or The Block?

Mum and Dad built a couple of our family homes, so I was often on a building site with my parents. I’d always been interested in that. When I was on The Great Outdoors, I stayed in some of the most magnificent properties around the world. And some of the greatest caravan parks around the world as well. Since being on The Block, that’s ramped up.

The Block will officially premiere on Sunday August 6 on Channel 9. Listen to Shelley’s conversation with Kirste and Dan below.