We were thrilled to have Western Australia’s singer-songwriter Tenielle Neda join us. Her musical journey, filled with personal growth and spiritual depth, offers inspiration and insight for music lovers and aspiring artists alike. Tenielle’s entry into the music world came in her late teens. Moving to Sydney, she spent several years honing her craft in mainstream pop music. However, a significant turning point in her life was becoming a Christian, which deeply influenced her musical direction. “These days, I pretty much write devotional, Christian music,” she explains.

Songwriting Process and Inspiration

Tenielle aims to create music that reflects the real and often challenging aspects of life. “I try to write about my life experiences through the lens of my faith,” she says. Her goal is to avoid superficiality and instead tackle genuine struggles and emotions. Her last EP included songs about her parents’ divorce, the challenges of motherhood, and the loss of a friend. “We experience real and difficult things in life, and I want my music to reflect that.”

Balancing motherhood with her music career, Tenielle’s songwriting process is spontaneous and inspired by her spiritual life. “I have three kids, so my writing time is limited. I write spontaneously, often inspired by my time with God,” she shares. Her music often emerges during quiet moments, like when her daughter is napping.

Upcoming Shows

Fans in Perth are in for a treat as Tenielle prepares for an intimate performance at Fremantle Church in July. “It’ll be an intimate, low-key gig,” she says. Accompanied by friends on violin and guitar, the performance promises to be a heartfelt evening of music and storytelling. The tickets have sold out but she is hoping to do another show in Perth very soon.

Tenielle Neda’s journey is a testament to the power of authenticity and faith in music. Her story inspires artists and listeners to embrace vulnerability and find strength in their experiences. For more information on her music and upcoming shows you can visit her website.