Sonshine has returned to Katanning, and locals now have access to positive, family-friendly radio, with the relaunch of 97.3FM.

Sonshine’s Broadcast Tech Dan Munns with Katanning Baptist Pastor Jesse Dixon

We first began broadcasting in Katanning back in 2006, after local man Ash Brokenshire worked hard to secure a retransmission license and transmitted from the Katanning Baptist Church office. However, with COVID restrictions in place and a change in expertise in Katanning, the transmitter equipment was failing and unreliable, meaning locals no longer had reliable access to this service.

Sonshine CEO Bevan Jones says the station was determined to ensure a reliable transmission was once again available for the Katanning community. “We were finally able to get the old equipment replaced and refitted with the help of our tech team and qualified volunteers, partnering with Katanning Baptist Pastor Jesse Dixon and his team.” On the 11th August the new equipment and transmission was turned on, and Sonshine returned to Katanning, bringing the town and surrounding areas of Katanning family-friendly Christian radio once again.

Many might ask why a Perth-based radio station would put so much effort into transmitting into a small WA town. Mr Jones says Sonshine and its board have always been sensitive to the needs of regional WA. “With localised and positive media being stripped from regional towns we’re so aware of climbing isolation and mental health issues in towns just like Katanning. Partnering with the local Churches we know that we can help people connect with community and Christian hope.”

Sonshine’s positive, family-friendly radio can be accessed in Katanning and surrounding areas through 97.3FM.