After discovering unsettling news about her fiancé, the California bride-to-be canceled her $15,000 non-refundable wedding reception. She chose to donate everything to Parents Helping Parents, a non-profit supporting parents of special needs children.

Swiftly, PHP organizers sent out invitations for the “Ball for All.” All seats were reserved within 48 hours. The bride envisioned an inclusive celebration for individuals of all ages with special needs.

bride donated reception special needs families

Image: Maria Daane

“Nearly everyone there was a young adult with special needs, their parent or a member of the care team.” Said Maria Daane, executive director of Parents Helping Parents. “Their joy and delight really told the story about how special and unique this event was—the moment the ballroom was opened, and we all filed into a beautiful candlelit room with tables draped in white linen.”

Speaking about the bride’s act of generosity, Daane expressed sincere surprise at the magnitude of her kindness. “It makes me feel grateful for the resilience and kindness of people—that this bride could do something so generous and thoughtful in the face of her own sadness is inspiring,

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