Bluey is launching a real-life immersive experience called Bluey’s World. It’s set to be a tourism hit, especially if you are in Queensland!

The 4000 sqm mega-attraction at Brisbane’s Northshore Pavilion, is planned to open from August 2024 until Easter 2025, with the possibility of it becoming a permanent fixture.

It will be similar to Universal Studios but with a Bluey twist. You’ll be able to stroll through life-size sets. Imagine hanging out in Bluey and Bingo’s bedroom, chilling in the lounge, and playing under the branches of the Poinciana tree in the backyard. Bluey’s World will also include food, merchandise stores, and birthday parties.

Queensland’s Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe and BBC representatives announced the multimillion-dollar attraction on along with Bluey and Bingo. It is estimated that the attraction will boost Queensland’s economy by about $18 million. Plus, with Bluey’s massive fan base around the world, Brisbane will definitely see a boost in tourism.

Are you excited for Bluey’s World? Listen to Bec and BT’s full chat below!