Blind Reaction: Kirste & Bec read a listener message for the first time

We gave Kirste and Bec a message that had been sent to us overnight from Martin. It was such a stirring story, we wanted to capture their reaction when they read it for the first time.

The message read:

“Hi guys! We are long-term supporters and were at the Free Coffee Funday on Sunday. Great fun, and it was excellent to show the kids that the presenters are real people and the studio is a real place! But I have a hope story too, flowing out of this strange season. 🙂
My COVID lockdown story has been pretty different to others – I had toe surgery in early March and started working from home for the first time in my life as I recovered. Just as I was starting to get well enough to get back into the office, lockdown happened.
My wife works in the disability sector, so she was still heading into the office on her workdays, and the kids were still (thankfully) going to school… so I found myself locked in the house by myself, my work getting increasingly busy and crazy in the midst of everything, recovering from six stitches in my toe, not able to catch up with my friends… it started to get lonely, monotonous, a little bit oppressive…. I started to recognize that I needed more hope in the circumstances I found myself in.
As a long-term supporter of Sonshine, I knew… I KNEW… that you represented love, hope and family. I made the conscious decision in the depths of the lockdown in April and May to have the radio locked on as soon as I could in the mornings. And you guys brought the hope, the family and the connectivity to community back. While I’ve always known what a fantastic outreach Sonshine is to people who just flick to your point on the dial, and to new believers, it’s great to have that reminder as a long-termer – the very thing that I choose to support was the very thing that increased my own hope in a time where I needed it.
It’s now eight months on, my toe is finally recovering after needing a second procedure, I’ve settled into a rhythm working from home, and I’m coming out of the other side of the strange COVID valley I’ve had in my own life. I can only imagine how Sonshine was a light in the darkness for others in these past months. You guys have always been an amazing blessing, but boy did you come through in the darkest of times in 2020.
Thanks for being who you are, and for allowing yourselves to be used in the way you have been!”
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