Bec and Jeziel are on an adventure to find Bec a new hobby. Bec is obsessed with knitting – it’s basically all she does – and Jeziel thinks she’s too young to be stuck at home knitting all day. So once a week Jeziel is taking Bec out to try her hand at something new.

So far, Bec’s Hobbies have taken us Mosaic making at Sultan’s Treasures and rock climbing at Adrenaline Vault. In this episode of Bec’s New Hobby, the duo head to Wembley Lacrosse Club to meet trainer and player Ashby.

Join B&J as they learn the basics of how to play Lacrosse (or as Jeziel calls it, “Aerial Hockey”).

It turns out, female lacrosse players have to be pretty tough. Unlike the men, they don’t wear helmets and have shallower pockets in their sticks! So will Will this be Bec’s new hobby? Will Bec be tough enough to stand the ferocious style of play seen in female Lacrosse? Watch and find out.