Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen how sport brings Australians together. So McCrindle conducted a study on what the heart of our community is. What are the key gathering places people go to for community and interaction?

According to their research, 53% of Australians consider the local park or sports ground the primary place for community interaction. Grant Dusting said: “In the last few years since COVID, there were limited options in what people could do. So more people were going for a walk when we couldn’t gather in some of the other ways. So people might think that that’s encouraging. It’s a good way to connect with people.”

Coming in second was the local pub or club, followed by the local shopping centre. “It was number one when we’ve done this similar study previously. So I think part of that is just more people shopping online now. Particularly for the younger generations, it’s kind of less of a gathering place.”

In fourth place, 29% of Australians said that the most important gathering place in their community is the workplace or local church. “The younger generations are more likely to say the workplace is their place for social interaction, whereas the older generations are not looking to the workplace to feel that place in their lives.”

Listen to Grant’s full chat with Kirste and BT below!