Australian Idol made a remarkable return to screens last year after a 14-year hiatus. As anticipation builds for the upcoming season, a ground-breaking twist promises to shake up the audition process.

With only 30 golden tickets up for grabs and a revamped award system, the stakes are higher than ever! Among some of the people hoping to get one of those golden tickets is Drea. She joined Bec to tell us all about her music journey, career highlights and Australian idol audition.


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The love of music runs in Drea’s family as her father Nigel hosts the Gospel Show here on Sonshine. “My dad would wake us up on Saturday mornings with music, and that was the cue to clean the house. And as much as I hated it, it really set the foundation for the music that I do now. Everything I do now is surrounded by music.”

Transitioning from music as a hobby to a profession was a significant milestone for Drea. The biggest highlights have been opening for artists like six60, Drax Project, and Billy Ocean among some of the highlights of her career. “I’ve just had a lot of fun being able to open for some really cool artists.

Drea can’t give away too much about Australian Idol, but there are some exciting twists and surprises in store. “It was daunting at first walking in. But it was such a surreal moment. I remember being a little girl and watching Idol with my family the very, very first season so for me to be on the show now. It’s just absolutely incredible.”

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