A ‘humorous play’ on the ‘cost of living’ has been crowned as the word of the year, much to the surprise of many Aussies who were unfamiliar with the phraseThe Macquarie Dictionary announced on Tuesday that ‘cozzie livs’ was the standout choice for 2023. The word, or two words, was selected by the editorial committee because it ‘resonated soundly with Australians’.

However, a significant number of Australians have said they had never heard of ‘cozzie livs’ despite ‘cost of living’ being one of this year’s buzzwords due to the financial challenges faced by millions grappling with escalating grocery expenses, inflation, and interest rates. Some people have gone so far as to label ‘cozzie livs’ as the ‘worst winner’ since 2010, when ‘Googleganger’ claimed the prestigious title. A Googleganger is a person who shares a name with someone else.

The People’s Choice Award, known for its history of quirky selections like ‘bachelor’s handbag,’ was bestowed upon ‘generative AI.’ This cutting-edge artificial intelligence can craft images, text, or audio, narrowly beating out contenders such as ‘skimpflation’— when the quality or size of a product decreases while the price remains the same—and ‘rizz,’ which describes a person with charisma and the ability to charm.

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