Pastor Phil Ayres from Kingdomcity, joins Bec and Jeziel every fortnight to help couples build strong marriages. This week he talked about creating a great attack strategy for your marriage.

In cricket, you can play by defending or attacking. When Australia was beating New Zealand in the test match. Instead of trying to win, Geoff Boycott decided to block the game until it finished in a draw.

“You can take on a mindset that ruins the whole point of the game. No one goes into a sport and decides to only play defensively. Everyone who plays wants to win that’s the whole point. You never win by building a defensive game. Defence keeps you in the game but only attack causes you to win and overcome.”

In our relationships, we can be living defensively towards each other. Defensive strategies like conflict resolution, reflective listening and dealing with anger are important. But defensive strategies don’t give you victory they just keep you in the game. The only thing that adds excitement to your marriage is attack strategies.

Attack Strategies to implement in your marriage:

  1. Practise loving your spouse according to their needs
  2. Make time to have fun
  3. Create and write out a united vision for your marriage
  4. Start to flirt and tease them again
  5. Get some mystery happening with random acts of kindness and spontaneous surprises

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