Sonshine’s The Bec Show has a brand new co-host, Asa – and he’s a Kiwi! Seeing as how he’s brand new to Perth, Bec has taken it upon herself to show him all the hot spots in our city. The duo have visited The Bell Tower, Cottesloe Beach and taken the Fremantle Prison Tour. What’s up next on their itinerary isn’t what you’d historically call a tourist spot, but it’s a dining spot that has gone absolutely viral for one item on their menu.

Our journey begins with an introduction to the star of the show, Alex – the mastermind behind the legendary one-kilo croissant. So, who’s Alex, and why is everyone flocking to his bakery, Maison Saint-Honoré in Floreat, to get a taste of this massive treat?

Alex’s croissant journey started back in 2009 when he began making macarons at home. Fast forward a few years, and his passion for pastries led to the birth of his bakery in Perth. But why create a single pastry that weighs 1 kilo?

Sonshine's Bec with French Pastry Chef Alex from Maison Saint-Honoré in Floreat

Sonshine’s Bec with French Pastry Chef Alex from Maison Saint-Honoré in Floreat

The story behind this culinary wonder revolves around Bastille Day. Alex decided to create a giant crescent-shaped croissant to celebrate, but little did he know it would become a sensation. Crafting this behemoth of a pastry isn’t a cakewalk – it takes around 60 hours to make just one! The process involves meticulous steps, including resting the dough and waiting for the yeast to work its magic. But the end result is worth the effort. These massive croissants are jam-packed with over 500 grams of butter, and don’t even ask how many calories the treat contains – Alex stopped counting. But we can tell you one of these giant croissants, is about the size of 25 regular ones!

The Croissant Craze

With a 60-hour preparation time, you’d think this croissant would be a rare indulgence. ” It’s very hard to make. I only wanted to make one,” said Alex, “but now we try to make one every week.” However, the demand for these buttery delights is so high that they’re now made every week. There’s even a waitlist – a testament to their deliciousness.

Alex revealed that his bakery produces around 5,000 danishes weekly, and it’s not just the giant ones. They also offer a range of cakes, all made using the same family recipes that have been passed down through generations.

But what’s the secret behind maintaining the quality of these massive croissants? Well, Alex’s father plays a role in quality control, visiting the bakery twice a year to ensure everything is up to par.

Now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the croissant tasting! Bec and Asa can’t contain their excitement as they dive into this colossal creation. It’s fluffy, buttery, and absolutely delicious, with enough pastry to keep you fed for a week.

So, there you have it – the 1 kilo croissant that’s taken Perth by storm! Whether you’re a local or just visiting Perth, make sure to put this on your must-try list. You won’t be disappointed.

Take a listen to the full conversation below: