Animal rights campaigners are demanding we change the name milk stating that it should be changed to ‘bovine mammary secretions’.

Guidance commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs recommended that non-dairy brands avoid using the terms ‘yoghurt-style’ or ‘cheddar-type’. As well as describing almond and oat milk as ‘mylk’ to avoid confusing customers. But now PETA has recommended the department go one further in striving for accuracy and brand dairy milk as ‘bovine mammary secretions’.

In a letter to the farming minister, they wrote: “Consumers are not the least bit confused by vegan milks, but they have been misled by the dairy industry about the impact of cows’ milk production on animals, the environment, and human health. PETA will support your proposals to ensure clear differentiation between plant-based and dairy milk, as long as the language used is transparent for both. The label ‘bovine mammary secretions’ should clear up any misunderstandings.”

Do you support this change or do you think it is udderly ridiculous? Listen to Bec and Jeziel‘s thoughts below.