An Aussie company’s ad listing has sparked a divide online with people torn about whether it’s funny or a red flag. It’s for the position of a rental inspector. This is the list of requirements for the candidate:

  • Over 40 are encouraged to apply
  • Have a car that works 96% of the time
  • Be able to pay to put fuel in it
  • Have a sense of humour
  • Willing to leave suburb you live in for job
  • Have internet that works faster than dial-up speed
  • Own an iPad that works
  • I know this but it’s my business, so you must be willing to listen to me and learn, I know everything already.
  • Be good with people. My clients are very important to me, so it would be nice if you could be nice to them.
  • Willing to listen. While you are talking you are not listening.
  • The ideal candidate will be able to alphabet, sentence, punctuate and grammar way better than me, I don’t need to, I have staff.

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