Alan Chang is the man behind some of Michael Bublé’s biggest hits. After nearly two decades, he’s taken centre stage with his own solo project. This morning he joined Kirste and Dan all the way from LA, to tell us about his career and possible Aussie tour.

Alan first got into music during his childhood. “My parents are just good at exposing me to whatever they can think of. So as a good Asian boy, they signed me up for piano lessons when I was six years old. But it was really in middle school and junior high that I went to, that exposed me to the big band era, George Gershwin and more the American Songbook and jazz standards. From there, that was sort of the gateway drug that got me into Miles Davis and Charlie Parker and all that all that jazz.”

Alan auditioned for Michael when he was a jazz student in LA. “I played a friend’s senior recital. There was someone from Michael’s record label that remembered me about a year later. And he said, Hey we got this new singer coming out, you should just audition for him. I wrote down nothing except Michael Singer and I said hi I’m calling about an audition for a singer named Michael. It was just sort of a random audition and Michael wanted somebody else. but that person was too busy. Luckily, I was very heavily underemployed.”

Listen to the full conversation below!