Imagine booking an Airbnb for an eagerly anticipated Taylor Swift concert, only to find yourself in a dispute with the host over a sudden triple price increase!

Ariel Stewart was excited to attend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour with her stepdaughter. She initially thought she had secured a comfortable Airbnb stay. However, her enthusiasm took a hit when the host insisted on tripling the originally agreed-upon price after learning about the concert plans.

Ariel detailed how the host demanded a staggering $2,400, plus taxes and fees, for the two-night stay – a threefold increase from the initial booking cost. When Ariel refused to comply, the host offered alternative accommodations, farther from the concert venue, which Ariel declined.

@arielnicolestewart Post Since the accusations are saying “I’m only posting my side” and leaving out key “nuances” heres a full screen recording along with some other photos you’ll find interesting. As you see in the first video, I am unable to delete any messages, as well as it wasnt $499 a night it was $599, receipt posted, the reported messages not shown at the end of the first clip are the ones pertaining to where myself and my friend work, and the house she was trying to give us only “40 ft away” and “in the same block”, the host and I must have very different views on a block size….and a discount, where did i ever mention I, Ariel, wanted a discount??? Just because I knew what was going on was wrong? And speaking of discount a $2000 one at that, let’s see: $2400-1$822.85=$57715, the math aint mathing. As you will see, there were no threats made on my part, only on the host, Oh and the host makes a big deal about the”calendar year” and how they set up rates for the next years weekend on Monday morning. “Exactly one year” When in reality, the days I booked, and “adjust” the prices for the up and coming weekends on Monday mornings. So in retrospect, the dates I booked were 10/26-28/2024.. which would have made the “up and coming” weekends get done on Mon. 10/23/23 since my dates Would have been available Thursday and Friday last week as it was the 26th and 27th, which are exactly the nights I booked for next year. Which means “up and coming weekend for the next year” would have be done prior to my booking on 10/30/23 since I didn’t book for 10/28-10/31/24… Also let me not forget to mention, finding the address to the house she was trying to tell me about and was going to “rent me”, wasn’t hard, it was using context clues with the description and photos posted and l’Il leave it at a quote from said host, “Youre welcome to justify your behavior to who ever will listen” #update #neworleans #fp #Updatetohostgate #foryou #pov #awareness ♬ original sound – Ariel Stewart

The host allegedly accused Ariel of ‘stealing’ from ‘small businesses’ and insisted she cancel her reservation, threatening to deny access codes to the property. While the original Airbnb listing has undergone a name change and is unavailable on the US site, it remains bookable on the New Zealand site at $404.67 per night. Speculations arose as viewers discovered differing prices on the host’s website, further fuelling the controversy.

As Ariel awaits a call from Airbnb customer service for resolution, this incident serves as a cautionary tale for both hosts and guests. Listen to Kirste and Dan‘s full chat below!