A woman accidentally booked an entire hotel for her family.

Jasmine Gordon booked a holiday for her family in Bali. She thought she had booked an Airbnb that would fit seven members of her family. But she discovered a week before going that she had booked an entire hotel. What she thought was an Airbnb had recently been turned into a hotel, and after some negotiation with management, it was her family’s for the week. “They’ve got full-time staff, security, chefs, and a golf buggy to take you around. There’s only seven of us and the place itself sleeps 18.” So Kirste and Dan asked the family to share their hotel mishaps.

Angela’s hotel mishap was not so great. She was visiting her family in New Zealand at the start of the pandemic. So she had to quarantine for two weeks in a hotel with her newborn baby before she could board her flight back to Australia. “Basically was treated like a criminal. You’re not allowed to leave your room, there’s no fresh air, you can’t crack a window, and all you’ve got is aircon. It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.”

David booked a hotel room down south. He checked the reviews from a few years ago and it was mostly positive. A week before going his wife asked him to double-check and look at some of the recent reviews. “Somebody mentioned there was an interesting fruity and smoky smell in the foyer which reminded me of fruity and smoky smells during my university years. Another person said they had accidentally locked themselves out of their room and the staff got angry at them. Then the staff had to climb like some outdoor ladder to break into the window to get back into the room and unlock it because they didn’t have a spare key.”

Have you had a hotel mishap? Listen to the full chat below.