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A Swedish company has created the first ever flat pack car

Photo: Luvly

Stockholm-based start-up Luvly, says its ready-to-assemble car is so small and light that it can significantly reduce the carbon emissions associated with shipping. But they will need to be assembled by a licensed car plant before being delivered to customers. In addition to the novel flat-pack delivery, Luvly is hoping that the electric car’s other features including its super-light frame and swappable batteries will make sustainable transport more affordable.

Maui’s Tattoo Shop Coming to Magic Kingdom

Maui’s Tattoo Shop coming to the Magic Kingdom concept art

Disney is adding Maui’s Tattoo Shop to the Magic Kingdom. According to the statistics, 70% of people with tattoos have at least one Disney-related tattoo. However, they are not official Disney tattoos. With the new Maui’s Tattoo Shop in Disney World, people can get official Disney tattoos from professional Disney artists.

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