Connor Adams loves all things makeup! Her passion is creating glowing skin and well-balanced brows then making the eyes or lips pop. She has fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry and tens of years in the makeup industry. Her experience ranges from film, and television to countless weddings all over the world.

Skin wellness is so important to lay a good foundation for makeup. After working with various clients she has learnt how to prep different skin types throughout the seasons. Now that we have entered autumn and winter our skin can become dry and sallow. “Our skin is very seasonal just like fruit. So to prep your skin during winter is to give it a really good foundation to start with. So you are wanting some hydration some niacinamide to just drench the skin really.”

“Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. So when you eat something and then your stomach gets upset your skin, being an organ, does the same thing. We can have reactions to too much of a good thing. If you are not reading the signs of your skin that is where you can get into further trouble.”

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