A mum on social media has revealed she is guilty of several controversial parenting decisions.

Lottie Weaver posted a list of ‘controversial things’ that she does as a parent on TikTok, such as doing her kids with their homework. “If my kids are busy or if they’re rushing or whatever, I will do it because I’m not gonna have them stress over four math problems that they don’t have time to do…I mean, it may not be right, but I will help! And I do the majority of their projects for them because some of these projects these teachers give…like…they’re seven years old.

Some parents agreed that they help with their children’s homework whenever they could. One mum wrote: “I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does my kid’s homework when they have other things going on.” But others didn’t have the same thought process as the ‘controversial’ mum, with one Tiktoker saying: “Kids need to learn to deal with life and the stresses that go with it as well as timeliness. They need to do their own homework.”

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