A man was shocked to receive a $2.2 million fine after he was caught speeding.

Connor Cato, who lives in the US state of Georgia, was caught speeding by two police officers, driving at 144km/h in an area with a speed limit of 88km/h. He expected to get a hefty fine, as anyone who drives more than 55km/h over the speed limit receives a $1,000 ‘super speeder’ ticket. But he was not expecting to receive a ticket for $2.1 million!

He assumed it was a mistake and called the court. But was told that he would either have to fork over the cash or turn up to a court date. Later, he discovered that the fine is just a placeholder amount auto-generated by the software the court uses to issue citations to super speeders. A judge will set the real fine, which cannot exceed $1,000, at the mandatory court appearance.

A spokesperson explained that because ‘super speeders’ have to attend court as a mandatory condition of their citation, that number is generated by the software. The huge fine amount is not there to ‘scare anybody into court’ and wasn’t decided upon by the city.

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