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A New Zealand couple is demanding a refund after they spent a 13-hour flight stuck next to a farting dog.

The couple said their Singapore Airlines flight from Paris was ruined by the gassy pooch. They overheard the owner saying pup eased her anxiety, however they insisted that the dog appeared to be distressed and struggling with the affliction on his own. When they raised concerns with a flight attendant, the annoyed travellers said the hostess offered that they move their seats to the only available ones left in the back row of economy.

A man has earned a Guinness World Record by going to the movies 777 times in one-year.

Zach Swope started his attempt with a screening of Minions: Rise of Gru in July 2022 and completed his record attempt with a showing of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny one year later. Cinema employees monitored him to make sure he was following the rules set forward by Guinness World Records, which included not taking bathroom breaks or having any snacks or beverages during the films. He would see up to three movies after work on weekdays and squeeze in more during the weekend.