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One person has been left in an impossible situation after their neighbour forcibly mowed their lawn and then demanded payment.

Asking for advice on Reddit. “If I ever refuse to pay he threatens to tear down my garden that I’ve worked months on. He has already destroyed my flower beds even though I had already paid.” Despite repeatedly asking him to stop, the disgruntled neighbour ‘doesn’t listen’ leaving them with few options.

People offered up advice on how to solve the tense situation. One person said: “Call the police next time he is mowing your lawn!! Tell him in advance not to cut your grass, or you will not be paying him. Get cameras to use for your defence.” Another commented: “It’s a simple fix. Tell him you’re not going to pay him anymore so he’ll be doing the work for no reason. If he destroys anything in your yard, tell him you will call the police.”

The largest search in decades for the Loch Ness Monster will begin later this month.

Staff from the Loch Ness Centre have teamed up with a group of researchers, to conduct the biggest surface water survey in more than 50 years. The centre is seeking more budding volunteers to get involved in the search, which is planned for August 26-27.

The search is expected to be the largest of its kind since the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau studied the loch for signs of the mythical monster in 1972. Surveying equipment that has never been used on the loch before will be deployed to uncover the secrets of the mysterious waters.