Second-hand doesn’t mean settling for second-best! With the constant squeeze on our wallets, Aussies are all about diving into the world of second-hand treasures, making thrifting and selling the new cool trends!

The fresh 2023 PayPal Garage Sale Trail Research Report spills the beans: one in four Aussies is hopping on the second-hand wagon, especially as prices for new keep sky rocketing. And a third of them are ready to crank it up a notch and buy even more pre-loved stuff if the economic storm gets stormier!

Most of us would agree we have unused goods lying around the home! Why not take part in Australia’s largest Community sustainability event, the Garage Sale Trail happening across Australia 11, 12, 18 and 19 November?

Check out: Garage Sale Trail 2023 for participating garage sales near you or it’s not too late, jump on the garage sale trail bandwagon and organise one at your place!

Check out the full conversation below where the fabulous Barbara Gill, the General Manager of the Garage Sale Trail, joined Mike on Table Talk!