In a commendable effort to champion inclusivity and break down stereotypes, 10-year-old Teddy has embarked on a campaign urging Apple to rethink its “nerd face” emoji.

Teddy, a proud wearer of glasses finds the current emoji “offensive and insulting,” particularly its depiction of noticeable front teeth. In an interview with the BBC, Teddy candidly shared the driving force behind his campaign, asserting, “We want to change this – Apple is making it absolutely horrible for people wearing glasses.”

Enter Teddy’s brainchild: the “genius emoji.” This redesigned version boasts thin lenses, delicate frames, and a modest smiley face, purposefully steering clear of what Teddy calls “horrible rabbit teeth.”
Teddy’s campaign gained traction when he confided in his teacher, who played a pivotal role in helping him launch a petition both within the school and online.

The movement aims to rally support for Apple to adopt Teddy’s revamped emoji, with a strong emphasis on the need for accurate representation and the dismantling of stereotypes linked to glasses wearers. In his pursuit of change, Teddy holds out hope that Apple will embrace his redesigned emoji, highlighting the critical importance of accurate representation in the digital realm. He hopes this move will challenge prevailing stereotypes associated with those who wear glasses. Reflecting on the progress of his campaign, Teddy shared, “If Apple took my ideas on board, it would feel amazing, and I’d be so excited.

Do you think Apple should redesign the ‘nerd face’ emoji?