Month: August 2017

Best Gardening Tools for Landscaping Project

For a lush green garden loaded with healthy plants and lavish grass, intense care and availability of the best gardening tools is a must. Here is the list of some significant gardening tools that you must have to have a good looking garden.

Garden Gloves

Pair Of Used Garden Gloves

While planning to do some hardcore gardening this summer, having several pairs of cotton or leather garden gloves around is a must. Garden gloves can save you from expected injuries or blisters from different tasks of gardening like shovelling, pruning or sewing. Long gloves covering your wrists will perfectly protect your forearms and wrists while you are getting thorny plants done.

Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers are significantly vital in proper nourishment and appropriate management of any garden or lawn. Mowing your lawn on regular basis will help in the fast recovery of your garden if it, unfortunately, get attacked by pests or any disease. Consistently done mowing will help your garden recover quickly. Another benefit of lawn mowing is a balanced distribution of essential nutrients to all parts of the garden. If a garden is not mowed properly, you’ll observe an uneven or patchy growth of grass. With the regular cutting of grass, grass will receive more nutrients and grow evenly. The lawn mower is a must have tool if you want to make your garden stand out in the society.

Mulching Mower

Red Mulching Mower

Mulching is an extremely important part of gardening, as properly done mowing enhances the availability of nutrients to the plants. With mulching, the size of the grass is cut short which gives a more luscious look to your garden as short blades of the grass absorb more nutrients and look healthier. Mulching mowers work by the same principle as lawn mowers but there is one significant difference. The mulching mowers contain specially designed blades that not only help in cutting the grass but they also cut the clippings to an extremely short size, almost disappearing the grass clippings. This function holds high importance as the grass clippings store approximately 80-90 percent of water. So, cutting these clippings that fine help in better absorption of water, which in turn make garden looks brighter and finer.

Leaf Rake

The leaf rake is a fan like propelling tool that is incredibly handy and much-needed gardening apparatus to keep your lawn or garden not only clean but also healthy. Also called as lawn rake, this tool can be made of a number materials, keeping its flexibility intact. The propelling tines of leaf rake can be of rubber, plastic, metal or bamboo. Its function is simple yet extremely important; to rake fallen leaves from the lawn, gather debris, and it is also used to smooth out a recently worked ground. Leaf rake not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of your lawn but also give your grass room to breathe.


Blue Garden Sprinkler

An excessive amount of water that is evenly spread in all areas of a lawn or a garden can easily be done through a sprinkler. Just attach a sprinkler with the watering pipe and whole garden will be soaked up with water in no time. This handy and simple tool frees you from the hassle of making multiple rounds of bringing a fully loaded watering can or standing on the lawn with the water pipe in hands for an extended period of time which most of the times feels like ages. Now, sprinklers come with another perk of being timed to stop watering. Thus, you just have to set a timer and the sprinkler will stop watering, you won’t have to do anything. This is really an amazing tool to make your garden look lush without much of a work.

Hedge Trimmer

As the name speaks for itself, hedge trimmer is used to trim or prune hedges, bushes, and shrubs. With respect to its function, it is also called as a bush trimmer or shrub trimmer. The hedge trimmer is surely the first pick when it comes to maintaining your garden. As overgrown or misshapen bushes and shrubs completely ruin the beauty of your garden and look really messy and untidy. While giving a hand to your bushes with the hedge trimmer will do wonders and you’ll see significant effect afterwards.

Spading Fork

Set Of Different Garden Spade ForksAvailability of ample amount of air (aerating) is essential for the required health of soil to help grow plants in a suitable environment. Landscaping will never work out if your soil is not ready for planting, especially when mixed with clay. For that matter spading fork is the perfect tool to properly mix, turn and aerate your soil. Also called as potato fork or garden fork, the spading fork can also be used to efficiently mix up fertilizers, other organic matter and accessory nutrients for better planting. Break up the clumps or chunks of soil or pave way for seeding by getting out rocks or buried rocks are some more functions of a spading fork.


Every gardener has a shovel among his gardening tools. Shovel serves various functions. A sharpened shovel is used to dig the holes to plant shrubs or trees. This gardening tool also functions to move sand, loose material, soil, and compost.

Garden Trowel

Old Garden Trowel On Ground

Garden trowel or hand trowel is a definite pick if you wish to plant in small containers or any other small space. The trowel is the excellent gardening tool to plant seedlings, bulbs or any other small sized plants. This handy tool assures proper mixing of media and easy digging with sharp blades. Trowels with different sizes of blades are available. A Wider set of blades helps in transplanting plants grown in smaller space to the garden, while narrow blades will help in the efficient digging of soil to place seedlings and bulbs.

Garden Hoe

Garden hoe is an ancient tool but still holds immense significance among other gardening tools used for the same purpose. This old-fashioned tool works efficiently to break soil clumps, digging the soil, or cutting off the weeds. Depending upon your required purpose, there is a whole variety of garden hoes are available in the market. For example, while working on a small piece of garden, buy Warren Hoe. Warren Hoe has triangular blades and is smaller in size, so it’ll do perfectly well for small gardens.